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Account Takeover happens when attackers abuse the inherent weaknesses in passwords to hijack an account for their own malicious ends. In an enterprise setting, it can be applied to everything from commandeering email accounts to illicitly accessing collaborative working tools or other SaaS services.

The most commonly sought credentials by cyber criminals are for cloud email services such as Microsoft Office 365. Compromising these allows an attacker a strong foothold for collecting intelligence, socially engineering employees or stealing critical IP emailed to the hijacked account.

This guide, with our partners Censornet, helps you stop attackers from gaining a foothold in your business. It covers:

  • An explanation of the main attack vectors and how attackers use them to compromise passwords.
  • An account takeover checklist covering intelligence fees, authentication methods and email rule checking.
  • How to protect your business from these attacks, including the clues to look for, the importance of multi-factor authentication and the evaluation of your email security solution.

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