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November 5, 2018

On-demand webinar

A security vulnerability management programme should be the cornerstone of a successful cyber security operation, however many IT professionals are failing to deliver on the security and protection that they need.

With cyber security threats constantly changing, it’s more important than ever to create and implement a robust and effective vulnerability management programme.

Cyber Security Vulnerability Management Webinar

Calendar iconRecorded on 30th May 2018 | Duration: 45 minutes

45-minutes of learning, on-demand

Learn how to assess and target security vulnerabilities which create the greatest risk to your organisation, stay compliant, and ultimately help you close the holes in your security.

Find out how to best use assessment tools, prioritise software security patches and work with security teams to reduce risks.

Learn about…

  • Key components of a successful security vulnerability management programme
  • How organisations can fail in vulnerability management
  • Managing the noise of assessment tools
  • Tactical tips to prioritise remediation
  • Approaches to implementing solutions
  • How vulnerability management can drive success across your security programme

Joe Bertnick, CTO - Comtact Ltd.

Guest speaker:
Joe Bertnick, Chief Technical Officer – Comtact Ltd.

“Many times, I’ve seen the damage a single vulnerability can cause an organisation and the ease at which some of these breaches could have been avoided if a robust vulnerability management programme was in place.”

With a career spanning over 20 years in Information Technology, Joe understands the challenges of transforming and securing the critical IT infrastructure of many organisations – big and small. His exceptional security knowledge and experience with global leaders like Symantec provides a sharp understanding of the challenges faced and solutions required.