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March 18, 2015

IT Directors striving to understand the effect of “consumerisation of the enterprise” effect on their business operations.

While Comtact Ltd. recognises Dropbox’s role as a powerful file sharing tool, the so-called “Dropbox effect” and its rapid rise in popularity is having a hidden effect on some organisations’ network performance and security – particularly given the growth in file sharing and BYOD mobility within a business setting.

“The use of Dropbox has grown phenomenally within the business arena – Forrester Research recently highlighted that 70% of employees regularly now use file sharing solutions in the workplace.  With the adoption of cloud-based apps and the latest mobile and social technology changing the way employees engage.  I’m having more frequent conversations with Heads of IT who really are scratching their heads on how to both embrace new styles of working while ensuring optimised network performance and data security.”

“Comtact uses SolarWinds’ Network Traffic Analyser to find out what is really going on in their business. Results so far have shocked organisations when it is revealed exactly how much traffic Dropbox and the like are generating. In particular one company thought their Monday morning network slowness was due to high levels of business activity.

SolarWinds Network Traffic Analyser (NTA) - analysis

With Network Traffic Analyser we were able to show that it was actually just the actions of only two Dropbox users that were slowing down the network for the entire enterprise. Once identified, the issue can be easily managed to ensure it isn’t negatively impacting on other systems or processes.”

Understanding the threat to your Network

To understand the security threat to a company’s network, organisations first need to understand the level of cloud sharing by employees. With SolarWinds’ IT monitoring platform, it is possible to gain an insight into all unauthorised traffic within the organisation through applications, destinations (IPs, domains and countries), transmitters and receivers, conversations and protocols.

Start to really find out how your network is being used today with Netflow Traffic Analyser.

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