SD-WAN Solutions

Advanced SD-WAN solutions to support the volume and speed of internet connections and simplicity of management needed today.

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Increase network performance and security with SD-WAN solution

Many organisations are considering replacing traditional WAN infrastructure with SD-WAN as they look to sustain performance and security across widely distributed networks.

Digital transformation is propelling this trend, with the emergence and growth of cloud-based services like software as a service (SaaS), the proliferation of the internet-of-things (IoT) and the ever-increasing volume and velocity of traffic across the network.

Traditional hub-and-spoke WAN solutions usually involve the backhaul of traffic to centralised locations for security filtering, but this can lead to poor performance at the network edge.

There are many different SD-WANs on the market today: not all are created equal. The wrong SD-WAN solution can significantly inhibit an organisation’s ability to adapt quickly to changing business demands, not least because it creates new security headaches.

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Flexible and scalable SD-WAN Solution from CyberOne

Capabilities and benefits adapted to the needs of today’s distributed enterprises.

Beyond the branch

Our SD-WAN solution supports complex branch deployments, helping reduce your reliance on branch routers and other legacy technologies. Our functionality extends to home-office use and distributed clouds with built-in LTE for consistent connectivity. We offer a virtual version to support multi-cloud environments and efficient SaaS adoption.

Zero-touch deployment

We enable faster configuration rollouts at scale, enabling the best possible performance of collaboration applications such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), videoconferencing, and various SaaS applications, even for remote users based far away from the corporate data centre.

Prioritisation of critical applications

Connectivity alone isn’t enough, especially in a remote work-heavy environment. We identify a broad set of applications to meet all use cases, with advanced self-healing WAN automation to provide consistent user experience on any transport for any user.

Integrated security

Our security solution is not simply an overlay but embedded into each SD-WAN device, adapting to dynamic connectivity environments. Networking, connectivity, and security functions are so tightly integrated with CyberOne that they’re one solution meeting three needs, instead of three discrete solutions.

Comprehensive analytics and reporting

We provide rich analytics to give clear visibility into your network and application performance (both real-time and historical statistics), including compliance. We help you fine-tune your business and security policies to improve the quality of experience for all users.

Key drivers for CyberOne SD-WAN Solution

CyberOne provides a complete solution for the transition to SD-WAN, offering enhanced security, improved performance and significant cost savings.

Integrated approach

We use an integrated approach to deliver the transition from WAN to SD-WAN, combining advanced routing and NGFWs. This provides greater visibility across the entire network and a centralised control stance to protect against all types of network attack.

Consolidated branch architecture

Moving from WAN to SD-WAN with CyberOne allows the integration of dispersed branch architecture into a secure, consolidated approach which unifies WLAN, LAN and 4G/5G LTE. Because of this simplified, centrally managed structure, our SD-WAN solution is also highly scalable.

Optimised hybrid workforces

With CyberOne, SD-WAN provides a seamless, secure connection both in the cloud and between clouds so users receive full performance capabilities at all times, even at the network edge.

Built for the multi-cloud

With CyberOne, SD-WAN provides a seamless, secure connection both in the cloud and between clouds so users receive full performance capabilities at all times, even at the network edge.

Reliable app performance

The huge rise in SaaS applications across widely distributed networks can lead to sluggish performance and reduced productivity. Our SD-WAN solutions ensure that the full range of critical applications can access sufficient bandwidth to run at high performance levels consistently and securely.

Rapid deployment and scalability

Transitioning from WAN to SD-WAN has become business-critical for many organisations in response to the pace of digital innovation. Our experience in managing this transition means that we can roll out quickly and with minimal business disruption and scale to your business needs.

Customised solutions

We create bespoke SD-WAN solutions to meet clients’ individual needs. We deploy, configure and fine-tune the approach on a continuous basis to ensure we’re always delivering optimal performance and security.

Round-the-clock expertise

Our SD-WAN experts are on hand 24x7x365 to ensure that you can work securely and productively at all times and across all locations.

Flexibility and lower cost

We are vendor independent, giving us great flexibility to meet your needs. We help you realise cost savings as internet lines can be used, and dedicated links aren’t required for each site with SD-WAN.

Understanding the Obstacles to WAN Transformation

SD-WAN adoption is accelerating, but implementation present challenges. Our guide outlines the issues and how to select the right SD-WAN solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are SD-WAN Solutions?

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) Solutions are networking technologies that provide organisations with a more efficient and flexible way to manage their wide area networks. They use software to virtualise the network infrastructure, allowing for centralised control and management of network policies.

What are the benefits of SD-WAN solutions?

The benefits of SD-WAN solutions are numerous. Amongst many, includes:

  • SD-WAN solutions provide improved network performance and reliability.
  • They utilise multiple internet connections, allowing for load balancing and optimising traffic flow, which leads to faster and more consistent connectivity.
  • SD-WAN solutions offer enhanced security features, including encryption and firewall capabilities, ensuring that data transmitted over the network remains secure. Another advantage is the flexibility and scalability of SD-WAN solutions, making it easier to adapt to changing business needs and support growth.
  • SD-WAN solutions provide centralised management and control, simplifying network administration and reducing operational costs.
  • SD-WAN solutions offer businesses increased efficiency, cost savings, and a more robust and secure network infrastructure.

Which SD-WAN solution is best?

Determining the best SD-WAN solution depends on various factors, such as an organisation’s specific needs, budget, and existing infrastructure. There are several reputable SD-WAN providers, including Cisco, VMware, and Silver Peak, each offering different features, scalability options, and pricing models.

What are the components of SD-WAN solution?

The components of an SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solution typically include:

  • SD-WAN Edge Devices
  • Centralised Management and Orchestration
  • WAN Transport
  • Traffic Analytics and Monitoring
  • Security Features
  • Dynamic Path Selection
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Cloud Integration

These components work together to provide organisations with a more agile, scalable, and efficient way to manage and optimize their wide area networks.

What problems are solved by SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) solves a range of problems faced by organisations when it comes to managing their wide area networks. Some key problems that are solved by SD-WAN include:

  • Network Complexity
  • Cost Optimization
  • Application Performance
  • Network Security
  • Scalability and Flexibility

Overall, SD-WAN addresses the challenges posed by traditional WAN architectures, providing businesses with enhanced network management capabilities, cost optimization, improved application performance, robust security, and scalability.