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Security Review & Assessment

Safeguard your organisation with the best security review and assessment across your Microsoft 365 environment with an Office 365 security review from CyberOne.

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Mitigate security threats

Rapid adoption of Office 365 across organisations of all sizes has made it a particularly attractive target for cyber criminals. Indeed, Office 365 is now one of the most common avenues of both attack and compromise.

The default options and configuration within Office 365 may not provide the best protection for your organisation and one misconfiguration could lead to a breach, resulting in valuable, sensitive data being exposed.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive Office 365 security review to identify any threats or areas for improvement.

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CyberOne’s Office 365 security review process

We identify any threats and provide a report to support the mitigation of the threats identified and areas for improvement. Configurations will be collected through a combination of interviews, screen-sharing sessions, information-gathering scripts and independent access to the management console.

Our Office 365 security review covers the following areas:

Authentication policies

Authentication within the context of cloud environments can be implemented in a variety of ways. The assessment aims to identify possible misconfigurations or oversights in the way authentication has been deployed in the environment.

External resources

Cloud environments are flexible in their enforcement and approach to securing the relationship with untrusted software and users. There are several ways to assign, control and modify user permissions within these deployments. The assessment will explore how users and applications are granted permissions, and if appropriate precautions are taken to protect against abuse.

Data management

Cloud environments offer convenient and readily available access to the data they store. The review will identify the controls in place to secure the data stored from unauthorised users and ensure appropriate measures have been taken to prevent data loss.

Email configuration

Threat actors often target user email accounts to attack an organisation. Microsoft Office 365 offers protection against these types of attacks, however different levels of protection are available depending on the licensing tier used with O365. The assessment determines whether appropriate supporting controls have been implemented to secure email accounts and identify potential breaches.

Auditing & monitoring controls

Infrastructure, application and change logs provide visibility into potential attacks against a host. The review will ensure a robust logging configuration is in place to provide the ability to examine events and raise abnormalities and suspicious behaviour, to identify any indicators of attack or compromise.

The benefits of an Office 365 security review

We assess against industry standard guidance for Microsoft 365 Security. Once the review has been completed, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of all identified control gaps, with a prioritised list of critical items along with advice and support on how to best remediate them.

Validation of Office 365 security controls

An Office 365 security review will ensure your organisation data exposure is significantly reduced and your ability to maintain legal and regulatory compliance is maintained or enhanced.

Assurance that your O365 strategy is effective

Gain peace of mind that your cloud environment is safe and secure across your entire organisation.

Trust and Reputation

Enhance your organisation’s reputation by giving customers and business partners confidence that you have in place robust systems and procedures to safeguard sensitive data.

Business Resiliency

An Office 365 security review will enable your organisation to build cyber resiliency and minimise the reach of a security breach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office 365 security assessment?

An Office 365 security assessment evaluates and analyses the security measures and vulnerabilities within the Office 365 environment. It involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of the various components and features of Office 365 to identify any potential security risks, weaknesses, or gaps in the system. This assessment helps organisations to understand the current security position of their Office 365 deployment and make necessary improvements to enhance security and safeguard sensitive data.

How secure is Office 365?

The security of Office 365 is generally considered to be very good. Microsoft has implemented various security measures to protect users’ data, including data encryption, multifactor authentication, and regular security updates. Additionally, Office 365 offers advanced threat protection, which helps detect and block malicious activities.

What are the 4 pillars of Microsoft 365 integrated security?

The four pillars of Microsoft 365 integrated security are Identity and Access Management, Threat Protection, Information Protection, and Security Management. These pillars work together to provide comprehensive security for organisations using Microsoft 365.

Why is an Office 365 security review important?

The role of an Office 365 security review and assessment is to ensure that the Office 365 environment is secure and protected against potential threats. It involves evaluating the current security measures in place, identifying any vulnerabilities or weaknesses, and implementing necessary changes or enhancements to improve the overall security position.

How long does an Office 365 security assessment take?

The length of a security assessment can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity and size of the organisation’s systems and infrastructure, the scope of the assessment, and the availability of resources and personnel. Generally, a security assessment can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or even months to complete.