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Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Proactive threat hunting and visibility across endpoint devices to protect against the most sophisticated threats

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Traditional endpoint security is not working

Endpoints are commonly targeted by criminals due to their vulnerability to a wide range of attack vectors. Traditional approaches to endpoint protection – such as antivirus software, firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs) – are no longer able to respond to the growing range and sophistication of attacks with enterprise teams facing increasing challenges with detection, investigation and remediation.

In-house teams can face issues with a lack of visibility into critical control points, manual searches through large and disparate data sources and alert fatigue from poor signal-to-noise ratio, along with difficulties in containing an attack before business-critical processes are disrupted.

CyberOne’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service eases the challenge of continuous endpoint monitoring, supplying the latest technology, a 24x7x365 team of security experts and cutting-edge threat intelligence for a cost-effective monthly subscription.

Key drivers for CyberOne Managed EDR

At CyberOne, we look beyond traditional endpoint solutions to provide real-time detection response and prevention control without the labour and performance overhead. Our solutions adapt to the evolving challenges posed by modern-day attacks to provide a holistic solution with cutting-edge detection and prevention capabilities. Our “always-on” service means we’re watching over you at all times.

Proactive investigation, containment and defeat of attacks

We combine the best of machine intelligence with our fully vendor-accredited team of experts to provide an unrivalled depth of service.

We detect and remediate complex threats in real-time, leveraging SentinelOne ActiveEDR. We link all related events and activities together into an attack storyline so we see the full context of an attack in seconds.

We execute a full suite of remediation actions such as network quarantine or killing a process to remove persistence mechanisms, with rollback to restore deleted or corrupted files to their pre-infected state without needing to reimage the machine.

We conduct full analysis of any attack to understand if the threat has targeted your organisation in the past to gain full insight on how that attack occurred, with an entire process tree and timeline.

We hunt for the anomalies and outliers that stand out from malware and attacker activity. For example, we expose outliers that have uncommon software or build discrepancies, are memory-resistant, involve users performing unusual activity, or involve anomalous IP addresses. These feed into our custom-built playbooks and reports.

We accelerate triage with incident insights, enabling us to understand complex detections quickly. We narrow results to one or more phases of the MITRE ATT&CK lifecycle including initial access, persistence, lateral movement, and command and control. We implement a zero-trust approach to our forensic collection and investigation.

CyberOne has transformed our endpoint protection to future-proof our business against the latest threats

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