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Azure Cloud Transformation

Strategic and secure cloud migration to future-proof your organisation

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Accelerate your cloud transformation with Microsoft Azure

Cloud transformation with Azure is all about making the most of the vast capabilities that Azure offers as a platform. If you’ve moved, or are moving, to Azure infrastructure, then modernising your platform is the next stage in your digital evolution.

Modernisation will of course mean different things to different organisations. But typically, it means you can expect to say goodbye to Windows and SQL Server licenses, OS upgrades and patching, and worrying about security between machines.

At CyberOne we’re big believers in the power of Azure to transform how organisations work, but we also know how difficult it can be to make that next big step. Our cloud transformation services take the pain out of the process, giving you a clear path to maximising the potential of working in Azure.

Achieving maximum freedom, flexibility and innovation

Our technical experts are on hand day and night (24x7x365) to help, support and deliver your projects on time and on budget, with your cloud solution delivering seamless performance – we never go home until a job is completed to the highest standard.

We’re experts in the intricacies of cloud architecture, including hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. We ensure the seamless migration of your current infrastructure, with operational continuity maintained – all delivered at speed.

We focus on cost improvements with pay-as-you-go pricing to meet any budget, along with supporting your major savings on hardware and maintenance through being in the cloud. The consumption-based pricing model with Azure also helps you effectively manage your IT budget.

We monitor your cloud infrastructure as though it’s our own, utilising globally recognised compliance standards for a secure, scalable and reliable cloud platform.

We combine the power of Azure with in-house technologies to bespoke to your unique needs and to maximise the performance of Azure.

We can support our cloud architects to offer a complete cloud and security package to suit your needs.

We leverage PowerBI to bring your data to life and deliver invaluable business intelligence to your team.

We use an on-going process of training and new technique development so we can optimise effectively for your business throughout the lifetime of our relationship.

We design with security as an equal to cloud, not an afterthought.

Why Microsoft Azure

World-class cybersecurity

Your data is protected by an advanced multi-layered security model and encryption process with two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers and even biometric scanners.

On-demand scalability

The public cloud framework allows you to increase storage space and computing power on demand, ensuring maximum capacity during short-term bursts of traffic and long-term expansion projects.

Hardware and cost benefits

Being cloud-based means no on-site hardware is required, freeing-up any upfront cost requirements. A hybrid model is available for businesses looking to keep some processes on private servers.

High availability and redundancy

Unlike many of the competing cloud service vendors, Microsoft Azure provides 99.95% availability and redundancy across all its data centres.

Enterprise-level development tools

Custom web apps can be built and deployed in a variety of popular programming languages.

Advanced compliance options

More than 35 compliance offerings are available specific to different business types.

Key Features of Microsoft Azure

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