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Assure 365:
Fully Managed Microsoft Security Service

CyberOne’s Assure 365 Microsoft Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR) service goes beyond tactical protection, strategically hardening your Microsoft estate and ensure you’re getting full value from your Microsoft licensing.

Assure 365 is designed to empower your organisation by rapidly reducing risk and enhancing your organisation’s resilience. It provides actionable intelligence that not only informs business strategy, but also drives innovation, ensuring a tangible return on investment.

Let CyberOne and Assure 365 strengthen your cyber resilience, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – delivering business success.

Assure 365

The Impact of Cyber Security Vulnerability Amongst Organisations

  • Annual Cost: Cyber-attacks cost the UK £87 billion every year
  • Potential Savings: Stronger cyber security measures could save the UK economy £52 billion each year

What Does a More Resilient Organisation Look Like?

  • Deep Integration: Cyber security embedded into core operations with informed and aware staff.
  • Security Hygiene: Fundamental security measures protecting identity, data, devices, infrastructure and applications.
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring: : Continuous safeguarding with proactive detection and response, leveraging intelligence to inform strategy and demonstrate ROI.
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Cyber Security Vulnerability in the UK

A Cyber Security Partner You Can Trust

CyberOne’s cyber security services are globally accredited. This reflects our dedication to industry-leading standards and certifications, ensuring that your data is safeguarded by the highest security measures, providing you with peace of mind.

We are proud to be recognised by Microsoft as a trusted Security and Modern Work solutions partner, showcasing our expertise and commitment to excellence in cyber security.

Building a successful partnership with you and your organisation is key. We prioritise ongoing relationships to tailor our services to your evolving needs, ensuring continuous security and peace of mind. Our proactive approach and dedicated support empower your organisation to stay ahead of cyber threats and achieve long-term resilience.

CyberOne Partnerships

Common Cyber Security Challenges

In today’s rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, organisations are confronted with the dual challenge of defending against increasingly sophisticated risks while navigating, managing and utilising the growing complexities of today’s security solutions.

We Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience.
You Focus on Your Business.

CyberOne’s Assure 365 fully managed Microsoft Security MXDR service empowers your organisation with the tools and intelligence needed to drive business success. Our strategic focus shifts cyber security from mere technical protection to building a resilient organisation equipped to face any challenge.

A True Extension of Your Team

CyberOne. Delivering a Measurable Difference.

Your Road to Cyber Resilience

An End-to-End Managed Microsoft Security Transformation.

1. Assess

The transformation begins with a comprehensive assessment of your security landscape.

Prioritising interviews with key stakeholders to understand your unique challenges and needs is followed by quantifying your security posture, by leveraging Microsoft Secure Score.

2. Mature

A minimum security hygiene across your Microsoft 365 estate will be put in place.

This critical phase is designed to provide rapid risk reduction and increased resilience, setting the stage for advanced security enhancements.

3. Harden

A series of remediations and robust hardening tasks will be performed.

This phase elevates your security from the baseline to a “Super Hardened” posture, incorporating industry best practices to bolster your defences.

4. Manage

CyberOne’s team of experts will provide ongoing managed security services.

This ensures that your environment remains in alignment with the latest best practices and adapts proactively to the evolving security landscape.

5. Inform

A critical component of the roadmap is the Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR).

CyberOne deploy Microsoft Sentinel and engage our Security Operations Center (SOC) to deliver continuous monitoring and response, safeguarding your organisation 24×7 around the clock.

The CyberOne Assure 365 Solution

An End-to-End Managed Microsoft Security Transformation.

Identity & Access Management

Ensuring the integrity of user identities and access within an organisation is fundamental and core to our business.

CyberOne deploys Identity Protection and Multi-factor Authentication, managing Privileged Identity Management and applying Conditional Access Policies. Seamlessly integrated through Microsoft Entra and Microsoft Intune, this not only secures critical access points but promotes passwordless access, enhancing the overall security of user identities

Data Protection, Data Privacy & Loss Prevention

Implementing robust data security and privacy controls.

Harnessing Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Priva, CyberOne only ensures the protection of your data assets and prepares them for AI technologies like Microsoft 365 Copilot. Encompassing Information Protection and Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, Insider Risk Management, Privilege Access Management, Privacy Risk Management and handling of Subject Rights Requests, Assure 365 provides comprehensive data protection.

Managed Extended Detection & Response

Experience continuous Managed Extended Detection & Response capabilities.

Utilising Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR for 24×7 monitoring, detection and rapid response to minimise the impact of security incidents. Assure 365 includes protection for identity, Microsoft 365, endpoints and cloud applications to ensure a comprehensive defence against cyber threats.

Service Management

Ongoing management and monitoring to maintain up-to- date and effective security policies and practices.

Assure 365 delivers measurable improvements and strategic cyber reporting for business leaders, enabling informed decision-making and demonstrating tangible ROI.

Securing Hybrid Infrastructure

Secure hybrid infrastructure and ensure protection across multi-platform and multi-cloud environments.

Assure 365 provides support through an IT help desk and specialist security services, providing comprehensive coverage for your organisation’s diverse technological requirements and needs.

Security Leadership

Enhanced security leadership and establishing strong governance frameworks.

It leverages Microsoft Secure Score to assess and continuously improve your security posture and resilience, ensuring that your organisation’s defences evolve in tandem with the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Your Security, Our Priority. Guaranteed.

“Previously working with CyberOne as a Global CIO for a FTSE 100 organisation, we needed to mature our cyber security strategy and how we implemented it. From that great experience with them it brought me back to using them again using Microsoft Security and their Assure 365 managed MXDR solution.


So from prior hands-on experience, it was nice to see and work with some of the same faces I had previously worked with so successfully. CyberOne are very good at delivering results fast. What I do see now is a real visibility across the stack, I see the regular reporting and I feel a lot more confident that our security is in a much better place with CyberOne.”

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Jerone Walters
Senior Partner

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