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March 3, 2020

Have you ever considered who’s there to help you when your network crashes or if you’re having trouble accessing your stored files? What about if your network goes down out of hours?

Depending on your current company infrastructure, the answer could be a NOC (Network Operations Center) or an IT help desk. You may be thinking they’re the same thing, but there are distinct differences between the two.

The efficiency of your technology affects your business considerably, you must also ask yourself if you’re managing your IT technology in the most cost-effective way. Ultimately you want a solution that will help you maximise ROI while having the best capabilities.

Thanks to the evolution of managed services, it’s now possible to minimise costs while strengthening IT support and infrastructure with 24/7 resource. Doesn’t that sound great?

NOC vs IT helpdesk: Which is best?

IT Help Desk/Service Desk

Imagine an IT help desk to be like your typical customer service desk where your company calls to get issues resolved. IT help desks are a great external resource for resolving simple issues such as passwords resets.

Unlike a NOC, IT help desks are not made to constantly monitor your network surface for threats, they will however fix issues when clients call in to report one.

NOC (Network Operations Centre)

A NOC, also known as Network Operations Center, tends to take a more hand-on, practical approach to protecting your network. A NOC is a fully managed external IT team of specialists that will actively monitor your network for any threats, perform regular system maintenance and also act as a service desk for your internal resource.

A NOC is more suitable for complex issues as they operate in a tiered system. The IT specialists in the NOC can remotely access your entire network and even visit your company on site. A 24/7 NOC typically monitors the network and system security, performance, and backup processes.

Comtact’s outsourced NOC services help you flex and scale your ICT environment through highly skilled technology and support, extending your capabilities with on-demand Enterprise IT services – at a fraction of the cost of building your own 24/7 Virtual NOC.

Which one should you choose?

24/7 IT help desk

  • You already have internal IT and want a help desk to resolve simple issues. This will also free-up your internal resource to focus on other priorities.
  • Your internal IT team’s productivity is hindered. Sometimes your internal team can become very caught up in fixing many simple issues that they don’t have the capacity to sufficiently monitor and protect our network.
  • Your budget is smaller. If you have a tighter budget, you may benefit from a help desk over a NOC. Even if you have no internal IT staff, you can pay for an outsourced help desk to fix smaller issues.

REMEMBER: with Comtact’s outsourced 24/7 IT service desk, you can get as much or as little support as your organisation needs. We work flexibly to help you maximise efficiency.


  • You have next to no internal IT support. Leaving the management of your network to another employee with minimal IT knowledge puts your business’ IT landscape at risk. By outsourcing the management of your cyber security infrastructure, this burden is taken off of internal employees.
  • You need 24/7 support. If your business has critical data within your network, you cannot afford to experience network downtime out of hours. Hackers will always keep in mind that not everybody has 24/7 IT support, which means they’ll take advantage within those hours. Comtact’s outsourced NOC services help you innovate faster, support critical services – and deliver the experience your users demand.
  • You want a combination of low-level support and a team to solve more advanced network issues. NOC’s combine the low-level IT solutions of a help desk with advanced network protection and maintenance. Though NOC’s cost more, in the long run they can save you money that you would’ve spent on internal IT employees.

Comtact’s outsourced NOC services enable you to flex and scale your ICT resources effortlessly, give you the edge – and leverage the true performance of your IT investments. As much, or as little support as you need.

With outsourced IT support, you will ALWAYS have an on call team who are equipped with the latest qualifications and most updated technical knowledge.

Comtact's Network Operations Centre

The next steps…

Forget about the worry of IT network and leave it to the experts. Avoid extended downtime, loss of revenue and reduced productivity by extending your monitoring capabilities.

Proactively drive uptime and give your vital IT operations the (flexible) support they require – 24/7, Out of hours, or ‘On demand’ – all at a fraction of the cost of building your own 24/7 NOC.

Always room for improvement…

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