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December 6, 2019


Your users are your biggest risk. With 90% of successful cyber attacks starting with a phishing email, the unfortunate truth is that technology alone can only do so much to protect you from cyber security attacks.

Unless you have an effective user awareness programme, your business will always be vulnerable to attack.

It’s an infrequent occurrence for a disgruntled employee to deliberately cause harm, however a lot more likely that they’ll make an honest mistake that opens the door to cyber attacks.

In fact, 90% of successful cyber attacks start with a phishing email.

Hackers target users. Humans are the weaknesses link in your security defences. A cyber security user awareness programme trains, supports and empowers your users to ensure your business isn’t low-hanging fruit for criminals.

You can reduce human error and close a hacker’s dream doorway, turning your vulnerability into an effective defence. So here are 6 steps to successfully implement a cyber security user awareness programme…

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Cyber security user awareness programme.

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Comtact’s ‘ready-to-go’ security user awareness programmes

Implementing a security awareness programme can have a big impact, significantly reducing human-based threats – although will naturally require time and effort to implement and manage.

Comtact’s comprehensive Email Phishing & Cyber Security User Awareness Service provides and ready-made security awareness programme to maxmise the impact and effectiveness, without using up the bandwidth of your internal team.

  • A central record of activity on all training campaigns delivered
  • 1000+ library of customisable phishing templates
  • Extensive library of Security Awareness Training content (videos; posters etc.)
  • Monthly simulated phishing attacks
  • Themed campaigns, by user group, language
  • Quarterly spear phishing emails
  • Monthly reports on performance improvement on all employees
  • Production of legal documentation for compliance purposes

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