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November 9, 2019

With more and more users working remotely and apps rapidly moving towards the cloud, it’s crucial to consider the status of your internet security in order to prevent data exfiltration.

Zscaler Internet Access provides a full security stack with all the in-depth protection you’ll ever need to successfully transform your network.

Zscaler internet security - A list of 'must-have' resources

In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of ‘must-have’ resources to make your journey with Zscaler effortless.

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What is a cyber security improvement programme?

To combat cyber threats, you need the right people, processes and tools to secure your systems and data. All three need to work together for this to work.

Just like a burglar, a hacker looks for an easy way in. Setting up a high-tech home security system is a great step. But if nobody locks the door, you just threw left yourself vulnerable.

Weak passwords are the unlocked window. Phishing is your aunt letting in the gas man who turns out to be a con man. You can reduce risk with a cyber security improvement programme that supports and protects your business – and ensures you are not a soft target for criminals.

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