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Outsourced NOC Partner Services

A seamless extension of your service offering through outsourcing your network operations centre (NOC), easily generating new revenue streams while delighting your clients.

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Why NOC Partner Services?

Having high-quality NOC support is a basic requirement for any business, where even a minor network disruption can have a huge impact on a business’ productivity and reputation.

Few of your clients will have the in-house resource to run an effective NOC, so would benefit greatly from outsourced NOC support to provide stability, security and functionality to their network infrastructure.

IT service providers who do not offer a NOC service are missing a huge gap in their service offering, yet setting-up your own NOC support can prove costly, time-consuming and labour-intensive; not to mention the difficulties recruiting and training quality staff.

NOC Partner Services like and experienced team like CyberOne allows you to expand your service into the NOC space with ease and without risk while growing client loyalty and generating new revenue streams.

The service can also be ‘white-labelled’ and fully integrated within your offering, so calls and emails are answered on your behalf.

Why partner with CyberOne?

With over 17 years’ experience in running NOC, helpdesk and support services, our highly knowledgeable NOC team leverages the latest technologies and is kept up to date through regular training and certifications, enabling us to offer a cutting-edge service to your clients.

We adapt to your specific needs and can provide an “always-on” 24x7x365 service, cover for specific periods such as out of hours, holidays and sick leave, or extra support during busy periods. We work as an extension of your team, answering calls and emails on your behalf, and running quarterly service reviews with your clients as required.

We offer a strong margin opportunity and work with you to win price-sensitive deals. Our pricing models are flexible so that you can remain competitive and your clients can enjoy a cost-effective “pay-as-you-grow” approach.

We make it easy and cost-effective for you to expand your service offering and give your customers the full support they need.

NOC Features

End-to-end service

IT monitoring and dashboards

Device management

Availability and capacity management

Performance and user experience monitoring

Vulnerability and patch management

System administration

MAC requests

3rd-party vendor management

Roadmaps and health checks

24x7x365 remote support

Fully ISO27001 accredited

Crest-certified penetration testing

Managed vulnerability scanning

Patch management-as-a-service

Immediate extension to your team with dedicated technicians

Expert consultancy network, architecture and design

No investment required in your own NOC

24x7x365 “always-on” service with best-in-class track record

UK-based in Milton Keynes

Fully scalable solution to support your clients’ changing business needs

Internal IT resource freed-up to focus on key business areas

Increased productivity for your network and IT support staff

Increased satisfaction for your clients

Branded white label or customer direct – your decision

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