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Managed Firewall Services

Configuring, managing and monitoring your firewalls to
maintain a secure network 24x7x365

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Block malware before it enters your network

Firewalls are fundamental to protecting your network. But keeping ahead of the current threats and abreast of best practice is time consuming. Traditional firewalls provide only a stateful inspection of network traffic – allowing or blocking traffic based on state, port, and protocol, while filtering traffic based only on static administrator-defined rules. A next-generation firewall (NGFW) does this and so much more by blocking modern threats such as advanced malware and application-layer attacks.

Having your firewall proactively maintained, patched and configured by cyber experts will help strengthen your security posture and keep your organisation safe. Investment in IT time and resources is reduced with device health monitoring, patch management and compliance reporting all taken care of.

As network edges explode, you need effective security everywhere

Proactive, AI-powered protection of your network and data assets

Breach prevention and advanced security

The No. 1 job of a firewall should be to prevent breaches and keep your organisation safe. But since preventive measures will never be 100 percent effective, our firewall includes advanced capabilities to quickly detect advanced malware if it evades your front-line defences.

Comprehensive network

You can’t protect against what you can’t see. You need to monitor what is happening on your network at all times so you can spot bad behavior at speed. Our firewall service provides a holistic view of activity and full contextual awareness of all threats.

Flexible management and deployment options

Our firewall service is adaptable to your unique requirements. Choose from an on-box manager or centralised management across all appliances. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud via a virtual firewall. Customise with features that meet your needs and choose from a wide range of throughput speeds. All configured devices and policies are configured securely by highly accredited CyberOne experts.

Fast time to

The current industry standard time to detect a threat is between 100 to 200 days – that is far too long. Our next-generation firewall detects threats in seconds, prioritising alerts so you can take swift and precise action to eliminate threats.

Automation and product integrations

Our next-generation firewall is not a siloed tool. We ensure it communicates and work together with the rest of your security architecture, automatically sharing threat information, event data, policy, and contextual information with email, web, endpoint, and network security tools. Your devices and reviewed and optimised continually.

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