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The cybersecurity gap exists between the time an attacker successfully evades prevention security systems and when an organisation discovers that key assets have been stolen or destroyed.  Although prevention tools and techniques are widely used today, inside this gap, cybercriminals routinely outsmart them by using complex and intelligently constructed attack methods.

To keep pace, organisations need a more intelligent approach – a new class of security that can learn, evolve and think.

This eBook, with our partner Vectra, lays out the requirements for a new approach to identify threats.  This is based on what has been learned from the past as well as local context, connecting events over time to reveal the progression of an attack.

The inherent weakness of a signature-led approach thanks to their reductive nature and focus on known threats only.

The required shift from fingerprinting every individual instance to recognising the fundamental attack characteristics that every threat has in common.

Understanding new data science and machine learning techniques to detect threats missed by traditional security models.

The need to combine intelligence and detection techniques to see threats from all angles in real time.

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