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“We had direct contact with the penetration tester enabling us to easily adjust the testing mid-flight, as required. The reports he produced were detailed, easy to digest and the service delivered was everything we expected – the whole process was efficient and cost effective.”


CEO, Large Financial Institution

Types of Penetration Testing

Web Application and API Testing

  • Identifies and remediates vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they are exploited
  • Protects sensitive data and reduces the risk of unauthorised access or breaches
  • Guarantees smooth, secure web and API performance
  • Ensures robustness of API-driven integrations
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Cloud Penetration Testing

  • Identifies cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Safeguards cloud data and infrastructure
  • Assures compliance and reduces legal and financial risks
  • Combines cloud scalability and flexibility with security
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Network Penetration Testing

  • Identifies network vulnerabilities through simulated attacks
  • Realistically assesses organisational defences
  • Quantifies impacts of potential breaches for informed investments
  • Promotes proactive cyber security, reducing the risk of a breach
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Mobile Application Testing

  • Identifies vulnerabilities in mobile applications and provides remediation advice
  • Ensures secure, trustworthy mobile applications
  • Maintains user trust in mobile application security
  • Serves as a security measure in the fast-growing mobile app market
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Our Penetration Test Philosophy

Breadth and Depth

Our hybrid approach combines both “breadth” and “depth” to provides a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities while also demonstrating their potential impact on your organisation.

Automation and Human Expertise

Using automation and human expertise, our service provides the wide-reaching efficiency of automation combined with the detail-oriented precision of human expertise.

Set the Correct Scope

We believe that a robust pen-test should be thorough and encompass all organisational assets. Most organisations overestimate the strength of their defences and if their critical controls can be circumvented by a simple phishing attack, they become redundant.

Prioritisation is Key

One key question to ask is, “What matters most to my organisation?” The response to this question should shape the entire process. Effective tests should prioritise your organisation’s most important assets and ensure your testing team prioritises them, maximising the value of the penetration test.

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