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Powered by Microsoft Sentinel, CyberOne offer a powerful and proactive solution to fortify your business against complex cyber threats. Benefit from our extensive experience and industry-leading tools designed to detect and respond to threats swiftly, keeping your company out of the headlines.

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Our Accreditations

“The opportunity to employ CyberOne’s SOC and MDR service gives us a 24x7x365 capability that’s really important to our global business”.

Information Security Specialist, Financial Services

Why Choose CyberOne

Expert Cyber Security Personnel

Our experts fill the gaps in your team and provide the support you need to secure your business.

Enhanced Detection and Response

We ingest telemetry from your entire infrastructure to give us complete visibility of threats as they develop.

Rapid Prioritisation and Remediation

Our expert analysts rapidly prioritise and investigate incidents and determine the required response.

Increased Security

Our services are designed to reduce risks, increase security and improve efficiencies.

Achieve the Security Outcomes You Need with CyberOne

CyberOne empowers customers to enhance their defence strategies and expedite threat detection and response.

Powered by Microsoft Sentinel, we combine cutting-edge defence and orchestration technologies with SIEM to provide a service that identifies and neutralises threats swiftly to prevent disruption and damage to your organisation.

Our multi award-winning CREST SOC certified team will safeguard your organisation from ever-evolving threats.

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