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July 1, 2020

London, 21st October 2015: Networking Plus Magazine -More than half of UK organisations look to managed services to improve customer experience, yet over 50 per cent of enterprise IT infrastructure is still entirely managed in-house, according to research by IDG.

In a study commissioned by TelecityGroup, IDG questioned 203 senior IT decision-makers and influencers about the enterprise trends and strategies around managed IT service adoption in the UK. It found that British businesses are keen to cut costs associated with IT management, while remaining agile to enable a keener focus on the customer experience. TeleCity_IDGReport_ManagedServices_21-10-15 According to the survey, many organisations view IT spending as a necessity rather than a core element of their business. Outsourcing these functions to expert providers is therefore an increasing priority, as businesses look to utilise time and resource in a more customer-centric fashion. The study revealed that 63 per cent see the implementation of managed IT services as an opportunity to improve their customer experience. Despite this, 51 per cent of the organisations surveyed are still opting for in-house solutions managed wholly by internal staff. The study also found that of the businesses look to outsource their IT, many are increasingly prioritising cloud services. A total of 60 per cent identified managed services via private and public clouds as key to enabling a move away from proprietary capex-heavy IT resource planning to a more services-led approach. TelecityGroup MD Rob Coupland believes businesses across the UK have realised that implementing a managed IT services model can significantly accelerate their digital transformation agenda. “Strategic technology management through a trusted partner is one of the most effective enablers of improved customer experience, as it puts IT in the hands of the experts, leaving the business to focus on what it does best.”